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The Waste Management Phoenix Open Steps up Sustainability

Written by Owain Jones, MBA in Sustainability student at University of Saint Francis Being a huge golf fan I usually tune in to watch the professional tournaments every weekend. This past weekend of January 31 to February 3 was no different with the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Arizona being held. However, the difference is in the company sponsoring the tournament, Waste Management, Inc. The tournament is one of the largest attended tournaments of the year, bringing up to half a million spectators in the week long activities. It also produces a one-of-a-kind golf atmosphere with the stadium 16th hole, a huge attraction for these spectators. With all day events every day, the attendees need to purchase food, drinks, and possibly souvenirs. This produces an enormous amount of trash that would usually be thrown in garbage bins and sent to the landfill. Since Waste Management (WM) sponsors the Phoenix Open, you think they would have a real easy job to get all that trash to the landfill by getting their own trucks to pick it all up. Now we get into why this topic relates to sustainability. WM has taken the pledge to make this event a zero waste event, providing the closest to a  Continue Reading »