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IBM Using Technology to Improve Water Sustainability

Written by Owain Jones, MBA in Sustainability student at University of Saint Francis Some things that people may take for granted on a day-to-day basis is the availability of freshwater. Our world is made up of massive amounts of water, however, the majority of this is salt water, about 97.5%. The remaining 2.5% is freshwater but only 30% of these freshwater sources are groundwater, the main source of water for human consumption. For a world population that is continually growing and consuming more and more resources, this staggeringly small amount of available freshwater cannot sustain it. This is highlighted by the fact that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in areas with an extremely scarce water supply (UN Water Statistics). Thus, a need is created to be able to better utilize our current freshwater resources and improve the sustainability of these resources. The root of water resource sustainability is water conservation, preached and advocated for all over the world. International Business Machines, most commonly referred to as IBM, has been developing computers and technologies for businesses for many years and has grown into one of the largest companies in the US. Currently, IBM has pushed a business solutions focus that involves analytics,  Continue Reading »

Emerson Helps Milwaukee Turn Waste into Energy

Written by Owain Jones, MBA in Sustainability student at University of Saint Francis Recently, Emerson Electric Company has been airing a fairly strong television advertisement campaign on many channels again, resurrected from a few years ago. The gist of the advertisements is that Emerson is providing cities and companies with solutions to problems that have “never been done before.” Originally these commercials were developed back in 2009 as the “It’s Never Been Done Before” campaign and they can be seen on Emerson’s YouTube Channel and explained in this Emerson news release. As it relates to sustainability, there is one very intriguing part of this campaign that seemed very out of the ordinary. It was the way in which Emerson has helped the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin increase its initiative to produce a substantial amount of electricity through its wastewater program. What the City of Milwaukee had developed was a methane producing system in its wastewater treatment plants to create electricity. Microbes are introduced into the wastewater tanks, where they digest the sewage to expel methane. The methane is then captured and turned into energy. This process is nothing new and Emerson was not the one to develop this for Milwaukee. However, what Emerson did was show  Continue Reading »

Sustainability: A Brief History

Written by Owain Jones, MBA in Sustainability student at University of Saint Francis   It is no secret that in the days of resource abundance and industrial domination, the environment was on the receiving end of much abuse and destruction. As populations grow and resource demand increases, sustainable development becomes more and more important. Turning a blind eye to sustainable development means that all the efforts to restore the environment and lessen the human impact on it would be for not. Businesses are very important to sustainable development because they have the ability to provide sustainable services and products to people, instead of the environment-harming ones of the yesteryears. However, it is important to understand how exactly we are at this point in time where sustainable business is so vital, instead of simply focusing on the fact that through the years the environment was harmed and resources were overused.   Ancient cultures, like the aboriginals of North and South America, the Chinese and the Egyptians, were maintained for thousands of years with primitive tools and ideals. This was possible through the ideals of sustainability that our current cultures are still attempting to implement. The ancients knew the main sources of life needed to be  Continue Reading »