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The Bluesign Standard

Written by Owain Jones, MBA in Sustainability student at University of Saint Francis Since sustainability initiatives are beginning to become very common, almost all industries are trying to figure how or what they can do. With this comes the rise in other businesses designed to help those attain their sustainability goals and New Leaf is one of them. It is a great opportunity for businesses to be able to have access to experts who they would otherwise have to hire or train, which can prove to be time consuming and more expensive than consulting firms. However, there has been an increase in large companies specifically hiring sustainability personnel because they feel it is worth their while and sustainability is not just a fad, it is important and here to stay. But when a company needs to dramatically overhaul their product line to become more sustainable, an outside organization can prove to be an easy route. For the textile industry, Bluesign is just that organization. A Swiss scientist, Dr. Peter Waeber, began to develop sustainable products in the 1980s, with a project for the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to create a “green” cotton. Throughout the development of this and the introduction of sustainable dyes, finally  Continue Reading »

Sustainability and Supply Chain Data in a Nice Neat Package

Environmental Leader has released Q2 Sustainable Supply Chain Data Book, a white paper by UPS.  This collection of charts and graphs illustrates sustainable supply chain in five categories:  Policy & Outlook, Technology & Investments, Benefits & Costs, Procurement, and Measurement & Disclosure.  The 32 page e-book reveals what many large corporations are doing to increase sustainability in the supply chain.  A great inclusion is a table that offers truck and rail green house gas mitigation strategies.  As for a stats teaser:  the book indicates that the top driver for adopting sustainability programs among the top companies in 2012:  Company Policy (41%).  Customer demand was number two.  Finally, a survey of the top companies in 2012 revealed that all respondents work to green the supply chain in at least one way (yay!). Download the entire publication for free at Environmental Leader.  

Lessons from Dell’s Bamboo Packaging Story

In this interview (How Dell Turned Bamboo and Mushrooms Into Environmental-Friendly Packaging) by MIT Sloan Management Review, John Pflueger, Principal Environmental Strategist for Dell, talks about innovations in packaging, Dell’s sustainability structure, and goal setting.  It is always refreshing to learn about how Big Business successfully integrates sustainability into their business model.  The article gives examples of two key concepts:  sustainability fosters supply chain innovation and corporate sustainability needs centralized leadership. Fostering Supply Chain Innovation Dell wanted a new kind of packaging for their high-tech products.  They wanted something that was sourced near the point of use to limit resources used in transportation of the packaging materials, something that was easy to replace, and something that could be recycled and composted.  So they found a Chinese company that was interested in using bamboo, native to China and rapidly renewable, the same way that paper is used to make cardboard packaging.  This story is a great example of how a corporation can foster supply chain innovation through sustainability planning.  Dell was involved in the development of the product, making sure that it was sourced sustainably according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines, and they even walked the supply chain.  The result  Continue Reading »

Interactive Green Supply Chain Timeline

This interactive timeline from SCM-Operations is a collection milestones in the Green Supply Chain evolution.  Be sure to watch the videos too – lots of good stuff there! Source: SCM-Operations.com