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Banning Hard to Recycle Materials

Written by Owain Jones, MBA in Sustainability student at University of Saint Francis As we all know, there are materials out there that are so synthetic and manufactured that breaking them down into something that can be reused again is very difficult. The ability for these materials to even breakdown over time in landfills is barely there. This then provides a significant obstacle to sustainability initiatives, namely zero waste ones. However, most big businesses can easily do away with the materials to achieve zero waste because they control what comes in. But what about public facilities or whole cities that are attempting to step up their sustainability and lessen their impact on the environment? The much discussed Mayor of New York City (NYC) has proposed a solution to this, on top of his already highly publicized handling of high sugar beverages and smoking. In his last State of the City Address on February 14, 2013, Mayor Bloomberg proposed a ban on polystyrene foam, or the trade named Styrofoam. What this will do for NYC, Bloomberg proposes, is dramatically decrease the cost to taxpayers while increasing the sustainability and decreasing the overall environmental impact. NYC currently has to absorb the cost to collect and house  Continue Reading »

Interior Secretary Nominee Sally Jewel’s Sustainability Leadership with REI

Written by Owain Jones, MBA in Sustainability student at University of Saint Francis As sustainability and having a conscious effort to protect the environment have become more important, government has shifted to attempt to adopt good environmental policies. A very important government sector to this is the Department of the Interior. Since the new government has taken office there must be someone to take the head of this department as the Interior Secretary. This position is very important for sustainability and environmental consciousness because of how much land the department manages. President Obama has the position to elect such a person to head the Department of the Interior as the Interior Secretary and the person that has been named is Sally Jewell. She is currently the CEO of Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), a popular outdoors company that is based out of the Pacific Northwest. Jewel also has experience in the oil sector, working for Mobil and Exxon in the past, giving her a very well rounded experience in the important things that the Interior Secretary would deal with. Currently, Jewell’s work at REI has been a highlight in sustainability, making her a standout for President Obama. She has driven REI to implement sustainability on  Continue Reading »