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How it Works

Wondering how all of this works?  Well, there is no “one size fits all” solution for sustainable business.  New Leaf gets to know your business before your project begins so that we both have an understanding of what will work for you.  An initial introductory meeting will allow us to get acquainted and discuss your sustainability goals.  This meeting comes with no obligation for us to work together and will determine if New Leaf is a good fit to help you reach those goals.  Once we both have a clear picture of what it is your business hopes to accomplish, New Leaf will work with the appropriate representatives from you company to effectively work toward your goals.  This means something different for every business and every project.  It might start with a tour of your facility to gain better understanding of your operations and to identify what sustainable practices you are already implementing.  Or maybe we will conduct a survey of your employees to gain insight into what procedures will work best for your crew.  Perhaps your project is already clearly defined and we are able to jump right in and start taking steps to improving your environmental impact.  Throughout  Continue Reading »


Hi there and welcome to the New Leaf Sustainability Consulting blog! I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my business. I first got involved in helping others become more environmentally aware in 2008 when I joined the Northeast Indiana Green Build Coalition Board of Directors. I quickly learned that I have a passion for engaging and encouraging others to make environmentally sustainable choices. Since then, I have worked with various non-profit groups with a sustainability focus and I have had corporate responsibility roles as well (click here for more about my professional and non-profit background). I believe that we all have the responsibility to preserve the planet and its resources so that future generations may have the resources to thrive and enjoy success. New Leaf helps businesses develop and implement strategies to be more sustainable. What does that mean? Well, it means something different for every business. My aim is to help businesses determine what makes sense for them in terms of sustainability goals, and then help them achieve those goals. These can be broad business strategies such as developing a corporate sustainability plan or focused projects such as conducting a lighting study to find ways to  Continue Reading »