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Employee Engagement Toolbox

Employee engagement is crucial to the success of your sustainability plan – and can be one of the biggest challenges.  This mindmap illustrates effective approaches to getting employees engaged and can really be applied to any initiative within your company.

INFOGRAPHIC: Sustainability of Tablets

‘Tis the season for gift giving and electronics are always a top pick.  Tablets are becoming increasingly popular, with 25% of adults in the US using one today, according to uberflip.com.  Compare that with only 4% in 2010 and suddenly the growth curve becomes pretty impressive.  Check out this infographic by uberflip.com that looks at the sustainability of tablets.  The main positive impact:  decline in printing.  The main environmental concern:  an incredible increase in e-waste.  The infographic cites findings by Pike  Research that estimate global e-waste doubling to 25 million tons by 2025.  The good news:  top manufacturers are implementing recycling programs that allow users to trade in their old equipment for discounts on new goods.                                                                                                                                                                 Like infographics?  Check out  Continue Reading »

Infographic: How to Run a Paperless Office

Ok, so no office is going to run 100% paperless.  Not in the near future, anyway.  There are, however, many opportunities for reducing the amount of paper used in your office and here is a fun infographic that breaks it down into four main steps:  switch to electronic faxing, electronic contracts, and paperless billing, and scan and recycle documents.  It also lists items for which paper originals should be kept, paper copies plus digital copies should be kept, and temporary paper files should be kept.  This provides a good rule of thumb if you are looking for where to start reducing your paper usage.  Remember, just because you are not ready to go full bore does not mean you can’t start somewhere.   Source: visual.ly Enjoy infographics?  Check out New Leaf’s board on Pinterest!  

Infographic: The Business Case for CSR

Still wondering how Corporate Social Responsibility can benefit your business?  This infographic gives a quick look. (Click infographic for larger view) Source: visual.ly via New Leaf Sustainability Consulting on Pinterest Like infographics?  Check out our board on Pinterest.     

Interactive Green Supply Chain Timeline

This interactive timeline from SCM-Operations is a collection milestones in the Green Supply Chain evolution.  Be sure to watch the videos too – lots of good stuff there! Source: SCM-Operations.com

Infographic: Energy in an Hour

Do you own a refrigerator, a TV, a computer, and a clothes dryer?  I thought you might.  How much energy do you think those items use in just one hour?