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Green Your Boardroom

Your boardroom is likely a place of focused discussions, strategic decision making, heated debates, and hopefully lighthearted conversations.  The room probably sees much productivity and progress being made for your company.  But how much waste is generated there?  Here are a few things you can do TODAY to make your boardroom a little greener. Ditch disposables:  Opt for ceramic coffee mugs, permanent-ware plates and utensils, maybe even cloth napkins.  Invest in an insulated, sealable (for easy travel) coffee carafe instead of using those strange cardboard coffee-boxes. Go paperless:  Use your overhead projector (most boardrooms have them nowadays) to display the agenda and other materials that you’d like your meeting attendees to view, but will most likely get tossed after the meeting is over. Go au naturel:  If you have access to daylight – take advantage of it!  Use window shades during presentations, but otherwise let the light shine in and keep the switches in the off position. Find a comfortable compromise:  The CEO may like the boardroom to feel like a meat locker, but is that really a good use of energy?  Every individual has a different “ideal” room temperature and not everyone is going to be completely satisfied.  Find  Continue Reading »

Infographic: How to Run a Paperless Office

Ok, so no office is going to run 100% paperless.  Not in the near future, anyway.  There are, however, many opportunities for reducing the amount of paper used in your office and here is a fun infographic that breaks it down into four main steps:  switch to electronic faxing, electronic contracts, and paperless billing, and scan and recycle documents.  It also lists items for which paper originals should be kept, paper copies plus digital copies should be kept, and temporary paper files should be kept.  This provides a good rule of thumb if you are looking for where to start reducing your paper usage.  Remember, just because you are not ready to go full bore does not mean you can’t start somewhere.   Source: visual.ly Enjoy infographics?  Check out New Leaf’s board on Pinterest!