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CSR: Going Beyond Compliance, Risk Management, and Philanthropy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focuses on the “people” and “planet” aspects of the Triple Bottom Line.  This is a corporation’s initiatives to take a proactive approach to managing its impacts on the environment and society.  Proactive being the keyword, meaning that the business implements programs to lessen harmful impacts and amplify positive impacts before it is forced to by regulation, industry, or its constituents. Beyond Compliance CSR programs are voluntary and are not enforceable by regulating agencies.  In fact, a strong CSR program goes above and beyond what regulation requires.  A simple example of this would be an organization that uses the Clean Water Act as a benchmark and sets goals to reduce contaminating releases to a set standard below what the act allows.  A more robust program would also implement a program that educates employees on the effects of pollution and partners with organizations that work to protect local bodies of water. Beyond Risk Management While Corporate Social Responsibility could be looked at as a form of risk management in that it keeps an organization ahead of the curve in terms of changing regulation and customer demands, CSR goes beyond risk management in the traditional sense.  Generally speaking, risk  Continue Reading »

Basic Sustainability Concepts and Why Businesses Adopt Them

Sustainability Planning can seem like a big, complicated, even scary ordeal to those who are new to sustainable business concepts.  Let’s break it down.  Sustainability planning is really just establishing some thoughtful goals and creating a plan to achieve them.  Goals should be given much thought and discussion and should align with the overall business philosophy and vision, and they should be challenging while attainable.  That can still seem very open-ended and indeterminate.  Let’s break it down a bit more.  Here are some basic sustainable business concepts that may help. ECO-EFFICIENCIES The easiest concept to sell, eco-efficiencies include reducing resource consumption, reducing material waste, and reducing landfill contributions through recycling and reuse.  Businesses see direct savings from eco-efficiencies.   SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Innovating products and services that positively impact the environment and community gives companies a competitive edge.  This requires forward-thinking, entrepreneurial-minded leaders who are not afraid of taking risks and who understand the long-term impact of the products and services they sell.   STAKEHOLDER AND SHAREHOLDER ENGAGEMENT Collaborating with everyone who is touched by its products or services allows a company to truly understand what their customers want and need; what their employees need to be happy,  Continue Reading »

Infographic: The Business Case for CSR

Still wondering how Corporate Social Responsibility can benefit your business?  This infographic gives a quick look. (Click infographic for larger view) Source: visual.ly via New Leaf Sustainability Consulting on Pinterest Like infographics?  Check out our board on Pinterest.